CW: Sex, Power Exchange For the first time in a while I’ve written some erotica! An intimate story about power exchange and queer haircuts. I cast my eyes over my tools and nod to myself, satisfied I have everything I need. “Come here love“ My boyfriend walks over with a mischievous glint in hir eye.Continue reading “Shaved”

Weaponised Want

CW: Degradation, BDSM, Anal, Group Sex   As this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt was provided by my gorgeous boyfriend i thought I should write about the filthy things I’d like us to do together. For the first time I’m also taking part in Beyond Fetchat, a Wednesday sex writing prompt not run by a transphobe,Continue reading “Weaponised Want”

Deliciously Denied

CW: BDSM, Orgasm Control, Power Exchange, Degradation   January was a pretty intense month for me, in part this was due to it being generally depressing, but mostly because of an intense exam season. As a result of this I’ve been quite distant with friends and partners, and since the end of exams a coupleContinue reading “Deliciously Denied”