Coming Out … And What Comes Next

For those of you who don’t know, today (14th July) is International Non-Binary Day, it also marks 2 years since I came out as non-binary on social media. I think it’s fair to say that since then I’ve been pretty open about being trans. I already produced a video for today in collaboration with Non-BinaryContinue reading “Coming Out … And What Comes Next”

The Game Is Rigged

CW: Transphobia For those of you who don’t know, this weekend a Times article (pictured below) shared plans to roll back protections for trans people in the UK. There’s a lot to unpick here. I could talk about how they casually state that feminists oppose trans rights. I could talk about the proposed tightening ofContinue reading “The Game Is Rigged”

Benefit of The Doubt

CW: Transphobia, Racism This post was originally inspired by the treatment of transphobia in the sex blogging community. But I think it’s also a useful framework to think about the recent bullshit around VoldeTERF, and the responses to the Black Lives Matter movement. Something which comes up a lot when you give a shit aboutContinue reading “Benefit of The Doubt”

Between Erasure and Hypervisibility

CW: Discussion of Queerphobia and Transphobia June is generally known as Pride Month (though I’ve never actually been to any Pride in June) and, as anyone engaged in online queer spaces will tell you, this comes with a whole heap of Queer Discourse (TM). I’ve previously written about the commercialisation of pride, which is aContinue reading “Between Erasure and Hypervisibility”

Weaponised Want

CW: Degradation, BDSM, Anal, Group Sex   As this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt was provided by my gorgeous boyfriend i thought I should write about the filthy things I’d like us to do together. For the first time I’m also taking part in Beyond Fetchat, a Wednesday sex writing prompt not run by a transphobe,Continue reading “Weaponised Want”