The Game Is Rigged

CW: Transphobia For those of you who don’t know, this weekend a Times article (pictured below) shared plans to roll back protections for trans people in the UK. There’s a lot to unpick here. I could talk about how they casually state that feminists oppose trans rights. I could talk about the proposed tightening ofContinue reading “The Game Is Rigged”

Transphobia in Sex Blogging

CW: Discussion of Transphobia   This post has been written based on my own experiences, enriched by conversations with trans sex bloggers Mx Nillin, Kelvin Sparks, and Quinn Rhodes. I’d also like to thank Victoria Blisse for supporting me through the writing process.   I have not named and shamed any specific bloggers or groupsContinue reading “Transphobia in Sex Blogging”

An Angry Feminist Guide To Manly Conversations (TM)

For most of my life I identified as a man, as a non-binary person I still often pass as male. This undeniably comes with a lot of privileges, but it also means I’m sometimes exposed to the conversations some men choose to have when there are no women around. (I also used to get theContinue reading “An Angry Feminist Guide To Manly Conversations (TM)”