The Human Cost of the Benefits System

CW: Benefits System, Trauma, Mental Health, Death   Following the declaration of the state of lockdown in the United Kingdom (UK) lots of people have found themselves unexpectedly out of work. well some employees have done the right thing and worked to provide support for their employees during this difficult time many people are stillContinue reading “The Human Cost of the Benefits System”

Fat Doesn’t Mean Ugly

This is a post about my own body image issues, and an experience I had which helped me with them. This story is based on real experiences but has been edited and fictionalised for reasons of concision and discretion.   Trigger Warnings: Fatphobia, Body Image Issues, Sexual Content

A Tale Of Two Lolshevisms

In January 2018 I was lonely and ill, to avoid another evening spent alone in my room I went to my first comedy night in Leeds. The event was Lolshevism (a socialist, feminist comedy club), and this decision changed my life. This visit was soon followed by other comedy nights, then meeting up with theContinue reading “A Tale Of Two Lolshevisms”

Comforting Food

Writing yesterday’s post was cathartic. It helped me sort through my thoughts and find an emotional release. But sharing it took a lot out of me, as my more personal writings often do. Perhaps one day I should write about that, but today I don’t have the energy.   When I am feeling upset orContinue reading “Comforting Food”

World Mental Health Day

I won’t write a long post about my struggles with depression. I am open about it every day, and enough people have shared their stories that i don’t think mine would contribute anything.   There’s nothing special about today, people live with mental health problems 365 days a year. Be there every day for thoseContinue reading “World Mental Health Day”