Trans Joy – Bikini

CW: Partial Nudity, Discussion of Fatphobia & Transphobia

Trans Joy is a blog series celebrating the positive side of trans experiences, in an attempt to bring some balance to contemporary trans discourses. This week I’m talking about my first bikini.

The other day I bought my first ever bikini, and I look utterly fucking fabulous in it. I love the soft silken feel of the fabric against my skin, the way it shamelessly flaunts my fat and shows off my enboobs. It also feels a little sad, because I’m not free to show that off in public.

Partly this is due to coronavirus, beaches and swimming pools aren’t open atm (or maybe they are … I’ve completely lost track, either way I don’t feel safe visiting them). But that’s only one part of the problem, fatphobia and transphobia are two powerful forces which police what bodies are deemed acceptable in public. So even if I could visit a pool I would still have to run a gauntlet of stares to dress this way.

I want beaches and pools where trans people can come together and soak up the sun without stares. I want everybody to feel free to dress however they want, regardless of gender or body type. I want scars of all kinds to be accepted and appreciated. I want my belly jiggle to be as admired as a slow-mo Baywatch boob bounce. Let our perceptions of beauty be as fluid as the water we swim through.

I hope you all find some joy this week too ❤ If you want to contribute to this project then please get in touch 🙂 If you want to support the project you can order a zine here.

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I write about whatever captures my attention, focussing on my personal experiences. I'm mostly interested in gender, sexuality, and mental health. My experiences are shaped by being pansexual, polyamorous, non-binary, depressed, an intersectional feminist, and active in the BDSM community.

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