Trans Tuesdays

Regular readers of Quenby Writes will know that, until recently, I wrote a series called Trans Joy. I aimed to publish every Tuesday and I originally put it on hold because I needed to focus on uni work. I’ve been back blogging for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve not started Trans Joy back up again because honestly I’ve not been feeling much trans joy recently.

I still believe in the projects aim of “creating a space to celebrate the positive side of trans experiences”. But my writing is grounded in honesty and (at least in the case of Trans Joy) emotion. It would feel wrong to write about the joy I feel around transness when that’s not how I feel right now. I still want to continue this project (and welcome submissions) but I don’t want to commit to writing one every week (I’ve also used up a lot of the ideas I had for it xD).

Instead I’m coming to a compromise. My new goal is to post something about being trans each Tuesday. Sometimes it’ll be a Trans Joy post, other times it might talk honestly about the hard parts of being trans, or even just musings about my own journey. I don’t know what exactly this is going to look like, but I look forward to finding out with my readers ❤️

Published by QuenbyWrites

I write about whatever captures my attention, focussing on my personal experiences. I'm mostly interested in gender, sexuality, and mental health. My experiences are shaped by being pansexual, polyamorous, non-binary, depressed, an intersectional feminist, and active in the BDSM community.

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