Trans Joy – Call for Submissions

Calling all trans writers, I am looking for contributors to my Trans Joy blog series.


This is a recently started project looking at the positive side of life as a trans person. There’s so much important writing about the struggles of being trans, but we are more than our pain, and I want to celebrate our positive experiences. As a fat, white, AMAB, enby my perspective is limited. So I am looking for other trans writers to contribute to this project.



  • Bring something positive, this is not the place to unpack your trauma. I recognise and support work which does that, but this isn’t the platform for it.
  • Have a look at what’s already been written for the project, and try to bring something new. I don’t want to be publishing 50 similar takes on pronouns.
  • Be prepared to accept and incorporate minor editorial notes to maintain a high standard of writing
  • 150-500 words
  • Open to submissions of work published elsewhere
  • You do NOT have to be a professional writer or established blogger.
  • Trans writers only (broadly defined as anyone who identifies as a different gender to what they were assigned at birth, or as outside the gender binary)
  • Don’t be a dick. If your writing discriminates or degrades other marginalised groups I won’t be publishing it.


I make a grand total of £0 from my blog so unfortunately I’m not in a position to pay contributors at this point. I am happy for people to use this to promote their own things, equally I am fine with publishing anonymised submissions. If the back end of the project produces some revenue (e.g. as a zine) then any contributors whose work is used will be offered payment.


Edit: As of March 2020 I have started selling zines as part of the project, I can now offer all contributors £10 for their writing, plus a cut of any profits from the zine.


Please email any pitches or submissions to, I’ll try and get back to everyone who gets in touch 🙂


Trans Joy

Published by QuenbyWrites

I write about whatever captures my attention, focussing on my personal experiences. I'm mostly interested in gender, sexuality, and mental health. My experiences are shaped by being pansexual, polyamorous, non-binary, depressed, an intersectional feminist, and active in the BDSM community.

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