CW: queerphobia, violence


A poem I wrote about the struggles of being openly queer in the face of  heteronormativity.


Aha no it doesn’t stand for ally, it actually means asexu-. No, actually trans people have existed fo-. No bi isn’t the same as gree-. No, that’s not-. Um no actual-. No. No. No. NO.


I am done modulating my voice
Done explaining every choice
I’ve made in the life I’ve lived
And I’m done speaking for the privileged


I’m tired of being the punchline
Of people thinking it’s fine
To make a joke about being trans or gay
And laugh at people who hear this every fucking day


I’m tired of people who talk about free speech
When that’s the only human right they preach
The people who are fine reinforcing a prejudice
Which says i don’t have the right to exist


Queer identity isn’t a topic for debate
And pretending otherwise exposes a world of hate
A cascade of intolerance and disgust
Directed towards us


Because behind “protecting the kids”
There’s an ideology that forbids
People who aren’t cis and straight
Being spared from vehement hate


And when it feels like the world hates you
You know what you do?
You internalise that shit
You start to believe it


And it’s not just words, I can’t escape this
When I walk down the street I risk facing a fist
I choose between endless stares
And dysphoric despair


Calls for civility are a call for silence
A call to look away from a history of violence
Civility allowed people to ignore our plague
By using euphemisms and keeping language vague


And homophobia
Is a phobia
It’s an irrational fear
Of people who are queer


And if you’re scared by me then so be it
Because whether or not you believe it
I’m scared too
I’m scared of you


I’m scared of becoming another sad statistic
And that’s not just me being pessimistic
Our past and our existence is often a mystery
Because of silenced voices and erased history


So I will fight
For the right
For my voice to be heard
To not be treated as anomalous or absurd


And I speak now to my queer sisters and brothers
Who’ve spent their lives being treated as others
Now is our chance for change
To not be seen as inhuman or strange


Today I say no to all this bullshit
Together, we can fight it
So be proud
Be fucking loud

Published by QuenbyWrites

I write about whatever captures my attention, focussing on my personal experiences. I'm mostly interested in gender, sexuality, and mental health. My experiences are shaped by being pansexual, polyamorous, non-binary, depressed, an intersectional feminist, and active in the BDSM community.

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