HIS – Vogue

This is the final post in the Haikus In Salt series, I’ll be posting an index next week and then moving on to a different series ❤ The haiku is was composed when I had a shift right after a Voguing workshop with the amazing Darren Pritchard.


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HIS – Chaos

This weeks haiku captures the feeling at the end of a stressful shift where everything seemed to be going awry. It’s also a subtle fuck you to my boss who was responsible for dropping a full glass sauce bottle in the kitchen (an offence he’d normally bollock the responsible party for).

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Patreon Launch

Hey y’all. I recently started up a Patreon so people who want to can support my assorted weird creative stuff. I’ll give you a look backstage into the work that goes into my writing and performance art, early insights into what’s coming up next, and at higher tiers options for custom writings and merch.

As a special incentive I’m offering a sticker of Our Most Noble and Profane Order of the Fuckspear to anyone giving $5+