Hey all, just putting up a quick note so nobody worries or is left out of the loop. Over the next month I have an 8,000 word dissertation, plus 3 essays totalling 7,000 words. I can’t easily switch off when I’m in the middle of an essay and tbh I don’t want to spend me free time doing more writing.


My priority is getting those assignments written and finally finishing my degree, so for three next month or so I won’t be posting here. Stay safe, I’ll be back soon.

Weaponised Want

CW: Degradation, BDSM, Anal, Group Sex


As this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt was provided by my gorgeous boyfriend i thought I should write about the filthy things I’d like us to do together. For the first time I’m also taking part in Beyond Fetchat, a Wednesday sex writing prompt not run by a transphobe, this week the topic is public play.

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